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Welcome to the Official Website of Erica T. Barton.

If you have ever read any of my works, then you know that I am a bit of a goof ball.  I like comedies – especially romantic comedies – and if you ask anyone who knows me personally, they will tell you that I believe I am the funniest person I have ever met.  And the best looking… gnarliest… most fun… (You can tell I’m playing around now, right?)

I started blogging many years ago and my blogging career soon blossomed into a writing career.  I spent many years in bookkeeping, so my first books and blog were actually about bookkeeping.  However, once I said everything I could possibly say about bookkeeping, I moved on to other topics… like writing my own Romantic Comedy under the name A.J. Clare.  (The title of my first romance novel is “Wannabe Spy Club,” just in case you’re wondering.)

My Change of Life Story

Back in 2010, I got tired of running my own company so I sold my business and my house and took off for a trip around the world with my husband and two kids in tow.  It was an amazing time in my life, and hopefully one I will repeat soon – although to different countries.  I have always loved traveling and experiencing different cultures, and as a result, I have been to 20 countries (many of them more than once) and 22 U.S. States.  And once you really start to experience other cultures, your life will never be the same.

Today I still write and blog, but doing just that can be very boring.  As a result, I decided to fill my need for social interaction by joining an International Travel Club that actually pays its members to travel as well as offers ridiculously low prices for 5-Star trips.  I loved the club so much, I became a Representative just so I can sign up my friends and family, and I am currently growing that club in my little neck of the woods.  However, since it is an international club, I can sign anyone from 28+ countries and counting.

If you want to know more about how to get paid when you take your vacations, make sure to check out the Get Paid to Travel tab above.

If you just would like to travel with me, make sure to check out the Come Travel With Me tab.

About This Blog

And now we have come full-circle… to my life today.

Today, as I said, I travel a LOT.  This blog has been completely revamped to specifically share my travel tips and tricks on finding ridiculously Cheap-but-Luxurious Travel (and I’m talking for as little as pennies on the dollar).

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About the Avatar

My Avatar's 2nd Headshot
Oh, and one more thing.  You may be wondering about the Red-Haired Avatar all over this blog.  Well, that avatar represents my writing brand.   As such, if you ever search for me on the internet, if you find this avatar, then you know you have found ME… and there is a LOT of me on the internet today.

Simple, right?

Okay, then.  Let’s get you traveling.

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