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  1. Randi Boeje says:

    this is my 3rd time trying to contact you. I was interested in your new book, and inquired about , transferring the bank statement directly into quickbooks , without using memorized transaction. could you let me know , if your book will help[ me with this,? Thanks

    • etnsuz says:

      Hey Randi,

      Actually, you would skip using the Bank Statement and just download an Excel sheet from your bank (which is just like the Bank Statement). You can then upload the Excel sheet into QuickBooks and I DO show you how to do that step by step in the new book. I also just lowered the price to $4.99 for the Kindle version, or you can get the Kindle version for free if you order either of the Print versions as well. (A Full Color Print Version is coming out soon. The Print version on Amazon now is Black and White.)

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