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I have completed two workshops for writers to date entitled “How to Make Money with Your Writer’s Blog 101: The Basics” and “How to Make Money with Your Writer’s Blog 202: The Advanced Marketing Class.”  The first has been turned into a printable ebook that you can purchase and download from this blog.  The second will be available by the end of October.  (Sign up for the newsletter to the right for updates when this workshop is available.)

During the workshops, multiple authors have approached me for more personal assistance on their blog.  While I do believe that everything I teach can be done by any writer, I do acknowledge that every writer has the time or money to do the work themselves.

As a result, I am going to be offering my SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Marketing, and Blog Assistance Services starting on October 15th.  These services will be priced as low as $10 since I am fully aware of how little money writer’s often have to invest when waiting for royalties or “the call.”

Thus for updates on my blog services, sign up for the newsletter to the right.

Thanks for your interest.  I look forward to updating this page.


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  1. Saralee Etter says:

    Hi, Erica,

    I can’t find my copy of the Advanced Marketing Class PDF, and when I clicked on the link in the email (which I’ve saved), I was brought to this site.

    How can I get another PDF?



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