E.T. Barton reads hundreds of books each year.  Not only does she read hundreds of books, but she also reads blogs, attends webinars and watches instructional videos on a regular basis.

Her favorite topics to study include:  Big Business Ideology, Small Business Concepts, Self Help and Empowerment Books, Romance Writing, Blogging, Marketing, and pretty much anything that has to do with business.

Whenever Erica learns something new, she tests it in the real world to see how effective the concept or idea might be.  If it works, she writes about it; if it doesn’t, she’ll tell you that too.  She has published several books about bookkeeping and small business (additional information is below).

Erica is also working on a series of Mainstream Novels with Romantic Comedy Elements.  The first, “The Wannabe Spy Club” is set to be published at the end of October.  In the meantime, she is building a blog for spy fans over at her blog WannabeSpyClub.com. She has written a few historical romances (which still remains her favorite romance genre to read), but at this time, they are “parked under her bed.”  She will be looking at those books again once the Wannabe Spy Club series is finished.

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Business and Bookkeeping Books

Erica has taken her  cumulative knowledge and created several different How-To books for the various topics she specializes in.  Here are the ones currently available for purchase (Click on the Pictures for More Information):

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