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Everything You Could Possibly Want to Know about Selling Books on Amazon

– and Then Some

Dates:  September 1st to September 21st, 2013

Price:  $20 to $30

Erica BartonDo you have a book on Amazon with sluggish sales?  Or is your book about to be published on Amazon and you want to promote it? Are you a traditionally published author wondering what you could possibly do to spike your rankings, or a self-published author who is really hoping to see your book hit one of Amazon’s lists?

Well, guess what.  It’s easier than you think.  Amazon has created dozens of tools to help any author at any stage of their career promote their books.

In this 3-Week Online Workshop, you are going to find out:

  1. What Tools Amazon Has to Sell Books on Auto-Pilot.  Find out which tools are available to authors, publishers, book reviewers, and even to readers…all tools that an author can take advantage of.    
  2. How to change your Book Pages on Amazon, even if you aren’t the publisherThat’s right…traditionally published authors can now change anything on their Amazon book sales pages without their publisher’s permission or foreknowledge.  I will also go over how to add headings, bullets, numbered lists, editorial reviews and author videos to those pages.
  3. How to see who is coming to your Book Page and where they are coming from.  Now you can track which marketing campaigns are effective at a mere glance instead of doing beta testing.  I will also show you how to track how Amazon is promoting your page to potential readers – information that Amazon does not provide, but that you can still track.
  4. What to put IN your book so you can make even more sales.  I will show you what you can add to your author bio that will get readers on your email list or other book pages in a way that your publisher will wholeheartedly approve of, and that won’t involve creating a contest.
  5. Amazon’s Cross-Promotion Tools:  Find out multiple ways to get Amazon to promote your book on other book pages in less than 15 minutes, as well as how to promote your book on Apple devices.
  6. A Marketing Plan from BEFORE Your Book is Published to Long after You’ve Forgotten How the Story Goes.  Find out what successful authors are doing on Amazon to make consistent book sales month after month and year after year with minimal effort.
  7. And much more, all with full-color pictures to make the information easier to understand. 

*** As an Added Bonus, I am going to include a “Special Guide for Self Published Authors” at the end of the Workshop.  This Guide will walk an author through the self-publishing process from start to finish, as well as a whole bunch of tools specifically created by Amazon for self-publishing authors.

*** Also – for the first time ever – I am offering a special discount for people who do not want to take part in the workshop, but who do want the information I am providing.  If you do not want to take part in the workshop, but DO WANT THE PRINTABLE PDF AT THE END OF THE 3-WEEKS, then you can now save $5 by pre-ordering the PDF before the workshop starts.  (Of course, the $5 discount means that you will not be able to ask me questions about this information, however the PDF will answer all the questions from the other workshop participants.)

  • The online workshop is limited to 75 participants at $25 per LARA Member / $30 for Non-LARA Members.
  • The Printable PDF alone is $20 (for anyone), but will only be available for a limited time.

*** Also, for a limited time, I am offering my previous workshops in PDF format at a discounted price.  These workshops are:


  • How to Make Money with Your Writer’s Blog 101 – The Basics (On Sale Here for $10):  Find out how to set up your writer’s website so you can make more sales, attract more readers, and other ways to monetize your blog.   
  • How to Make Money with Your Writer’s Blog 202 – Advanced Marketing (On Sale Here for $10):  Different ways you can turn your website into an automatic marketing machine for your books. 
  • Or Get Both Workshops Now for $15: (This offer ends when the workshop starts.)

Kindle Book CoverMake Money 202 CoverHere are a few quotes from past Workshop Participants:

“…Definitely a resource worth revisiting again and again.”

“…Lots of info and nicely written for clear understanding for us Nubes…”

“…Full of amazingly helpful information about tagging and ads and a ton of other things. Worth every penny!”

How to Make Money with Your Writer’s Blog 101 – The Basics ($10.00)

How to Make Money with Your Writer’s Blog 202 – Advanced Marketing ($10.00)

Writer’s Blog Bundle (Both for $15.00)

$20.00 to Pre-Order the PDF of the Workshop ONLY

Delivered by September 30th


$25.00 to Participate in the Workshop – LARA Members


$30.00 to Participate in the Workshop – Non-LARA Members


About E.T. Barton

Erica T. Barton worked in the market research industry for eight years before she chucked it all and took a trip around the world with her family.  Back then, she assisted in collecting research for some of the largest fortune 500 companies then and now.  Today, she uses the skills she learned in the research industry to stay on top of the publishing industry.

Erica is now a full time writer and blogger.  Her series of bookkeeping books hit the Top 5 Bookkeeping Books on the Kindle within 48 hours of publication, and have remained in the Top 20 ever since.  Altogether, her blogs get over 100,000 hits per month and she has over 20,000 fans on Twitter alone.  All of this she acquired with minimal effort, and she likes to teach other authors how to do the same.

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